Top 5 Weirdest Musical Duets

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Duets are an integral part of popular music. Few musicians of any era are without at least one track featuring another artist. In most cases, both halves of the duet benefit by creating a song that appeals to each musician’s fans. However, some pairings are so weird that fans can’t set aside the "Why?" of the pairing long enough to enjoy the song.
Top 5 Weirdest Musical Duets

5Jonas Brothers and Stevie Wonder
The Grammies like to shake things up a bit, pairing odd couples for duets that rock your world. Sometimes, though, the odd pairings create disaster. While not technically a duet in terms of numbers, the Jonas Brothers count as a single unit, so you can include their pairing with Stevie Wonder in the weird duet category. Jonas and Wonder created a train wreck of a performance for the 2009 Grammy Awards, earning a spot in the “what were they thinking” hall of fame. The cute-as-kittens boy band and the music industry legend performed “Superstition,” and it did not wow the crowds.

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