Top 5 Hilariously Annoying Songs Images
Sometimes, a song comes along that makes you feel like someone’s taken a tiny cheese grater to your eardrum. Occasionally, one of those songs becomes so insanely popular that you can’t escape it. Even more rarely, you find yourself in the somewhat hypocritical position of simultaneously hating a song and finding it so amusing that you practically long to hear it—if only so you can laugh at it again. These are the songs you secretly downloaded, the songs that have you singing and dancing while simultaneously insulting them. These are five hilariously annoying songs everyone hates to love and loves to hate.
Top 5 Hilariously Annoying Songs

4“Cotton-Eyed Joe” -- Rednex

Wikimedia Commons
Talk about lost in translation. It would take a group of Swedes to think anyone would be interested in listening to a techno version of a bluegrass song. Funnily enough, it was a group of Swedes who did precisely that in 1994, and the results were hilariously annoying. The worst thing about this song is that the nasally voice everyone universally adopts when mocking an annoying song doesn’t work here, because you still end up just sounding like the song itself. The band’s genius exploitation of the untapped niche of music listeners yearning to hear electronically produced bluegrass at 133 beats per minute earned them a number one single in the United Kingdom and gold record sales in the United States.

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