Top 5 Best-Selling Christmas Songs of All Time

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Every band or vocalist worth their recording contract eventually releases a Christmas album. Even Bob Dylan has a Christmas album—it’s inevitable. But figuring out which particular songs are the best sellers is pretty tricky, especially with so many covers out there. Even worse, a lot of Christmas songs were written before anyone kept (or had the means to keep) comprehensive sales records. These five songs are without a doubt bestsellers, though—every single one has been covered by Mariah Carey and was probably performed by the cast of "Glee."
Top 5 Best-Selling Christmas Songs of All Time

5The Christmas Song

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The title of this song is officially credited almost everywhere as “The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire),” because without adding the first line of the song in parentheses no one would know what song was meant. The most successful version of the song was Nat “King” Cole’s 1946 cover, which was certified six times platinum by the RIAA in 2009. Not only has that recording alone sold over six million copies, some version is included on the holiday album of nearly every major artist. Sadly, this song is unfairly blamed for triggering every television Christmas special to feature hosts sitting by a fireplace wearing bulky wool sweaters of questionable taste.

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