Top 5 Best-Selling Christmas Songs of All Time

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Every band or vocalist worth their recording contract eventually releases a Christmas album. Even Bob Dylan has a Christmas album—it’s inevitable. But figuring out which particular songs are the best sellers is pretty tricky, especially with so many covers out there. Even worse, a lot of Christmas songs were written before anyone kept (or had the means to keep) comprehensive sales records. These five songs are without a doubt bestsellers, though—every single one has been covered by Mariah Carey and was probably performed by the cast of "Glee."
Top 5 Best-Selling Christmas Songs of All Time

4The Little Drummer Boy

With music based on a traditional Spanish song, as recorded in 1958 by The Harry Simeone Chorale, “The Little Drummer Boy” is another Christmas classic of reasonably recent vintage. When Simeone died in 2005, over 150 covers of Simeone’s arrangement of the song had sold a combined 25 million copies worldwide. The coolest version ever made, however, goes to David Bowie and Bing Crosby for their 1977 duet that mashed up the tune with the song “Peace on Earth.”

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