Top 5 Best-Selling Christmas Songs of All Time

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Every band or vocalist worth their recording contract eventually releases a Christmas album. Even Bob Dylan has a Christmas album—it’s inevitable. But figuring out which particular songs are the best sellers is pretty tricky, especially with so many covers out there. Even worse, a lot of Christmas songs were written before anyone kept (or had the means to keep) comprehensive sales records. These five songs are without a doubt bestsellers, though—every single one has been covered by Mariah Carey and was probably performed by the cast of "Glee."
Top 5 Best-Selling Christmas Songs of All Time

2Silent Night

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Unlike any other song on this list, “Silent Night” is a real classic. Written in 1818, this song is now in the public domain, which means anyone can record a version of it if they want and not have to pay for the rights to use it—and modern artists have done just that. Bing Crosby once again set the trend, and his version sold an estimated 30 million copies. Plenty of others followed suit, and this song has been covered by vocalists as diverse as Johnny Cash, Beyoncé Knowles, Brad Paisley, Rod Stewart…well, if you set out to make a list of artists who hadn’t covered Silent Night at some point, your list would probably be shorter.

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